Project Pergola II

Disclaimer # !:  My last post, Project Pergola, did not show you an actual pergola.  It was more about documenting the abject need for such a structure, and how I, not the actual pergola builders, was involving myself in the process by gutting the adjacent eyesore of a flower bed.

Of course I was not intentionally misleading you; it’s just that stories have many chapters which build upon one another. Endings are more rich and resonate more fully when the reader has an appreciation for all that went before. And we all know that it is the process, not the content, that informs our hearts and relationships.You’ll thank me one day.

Today however, i will show you some actual prep for an actual pergola. This leads me to disclaimer # 2: We won’t be able to consider this a tutorial, because I did not do the actual work. I can show you the pictures, and tell you what I think was happening. And hopefully you will feel part of the process. Here goes!

Here is where we left off. The first prep step after agreeing on a design created by our generous and talented son, was to dig holes for the posts, like so.

The bracket you see will eventually hold one of the four posts. Next, a round cardboard collar was inserted into the holes to hold the concrete.

After all four holes were dug, there seemed to be some measuring activity going on. I believe it had to do with whether all the four cardboard collars were level with one another. Stringing twine up across the patio also made crossing from one end to the other  a more adventurous  experience for all.

The next step was connecting access to electricity. Having an electrician  brother in law on the scene is highly recommended.

Now we will be able to have lighting and a fan in the pergola.

Uh oh. Mixing cement takes awhile. I guess I’ll find other photographic subjects for the time being.

When my pergola is finished I’ll be as happy as this verbena!

Here you see one of the four holes filled in with cement and a bolt to which the bracket will be attached. 

And finally here is one of the same cemented holes, with the bracket attached. Now all we have to do is actually BUILD the pergola!!! But not today; the cement has to set more and we don’t have the lumber yet. Have I mentioned that I am so impatient to have this pergola  built that I would like to rip my clothes and gnash my teeth? Well, that won’t get me anywhere. I’ll just take a few  more photographic subjects while I wait ! 

Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Project Pergola II

  1. Lovely flowers! I wish I had been there to see it all take shape…from a float in the pool, with a beer in my hand:)

  2. What a great and artistic capturing of the progress. I can’t wait to read more chapters of this exciting, unfolding story.

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