Hi everyone! I wish I could share a cleverly written autobiographical statement with you. Instead I find myself not knowing what to say. You see, I am a lady of a certain age, definitely old enough to be part of the generation that says,”Why would anyone write a blog?” “And why would anyone read a blog I wrote?”, unlike the younger half of the population which seems to view blogging as part of the natural state of being.

Yet at the same time that I  have wondered why anyone would read a blog I  wrote, I DO read and enjoy many blogs.I appreciate that others take the time to record both the momentous and mundane moments of their lives. We magpies tend to be curious people. For a while now, while I’ve been inspired by what others write and share, I have heard a little inner voice asking, “Why don’t you write one too?”

Would I, could I write a blog? I have wrestled with the what ifs, if the blog were boring, if I didn’t write consistently, if I came to regret starting one. I didn’t push myself. I just let my ideas perk along, until it became clear to me that all the what ifs are just fears of vulnerability. Since I make my living helping others challenge themselves to live more authentic lives, I know that facing fears can lead us to more personal growth.  No one can have too much personal growth.So I’ll take a chance on vulnerability. I think I can handle it. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment, or if you would prefer, email me at mindfulmagpie2@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

2014 Addendum: Hi everybody! I’ve been doing this awhile now and thought it was time to say that I use the Magpie name for privacy, because of the work I do. But if you read my blog and we strike up a correspondence, you don’t have to call me Magpie;I’ll reveal my name!

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  1. Yes indeed! You COULD and SHOULD write a blog! And I for one am a little sad I’m just now learning of it. But not to worry; when I’m not singing Baby Beluga or changing a diaper, you can rest assured I will be reading! ❤

  2. I too am a lady of a certain age! Can definitely relate to your thoughts on blogging, as I just took the plunge this week! Enjoyed reading your blog so far, and love the name of your blog, the “cover art”, and subtitle. You DO belong here!

    • Welcome to the blogosphere, a frontier apparently still open to ladies of a certain age. As soon as I get finished I will head over to your blog. Looking forward to it!

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  4. I’m new here to the WordPress community so I’m stalking the comment feed of blogs I follow to find new blogs to follow…

    I found you stalking The Waiting!

    I look forward to you being in my reader!

  5. How come I never wrote a comment here? We’ve been following each other for a while.

    It’s best just to let the blog take it’s own path. I did become obsessed with trying to push it into a mold but have since learned to relax. Consequently, I’m writing more often and enjoying my self more.

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