Come On Over!

Hey! I’m having a party and YOU”RE INVITED!!! We are somewhat limited in that this is a ladies’ dinner party on a Monday night, but if you’ll join me while I get everything out for tonight you will FEEL the excitement!!! Come on; I’ll show you!

Since I’ve recently returned from Istanbul. we’re having a  simple Turkish theme.  The menu is Turkish red lentil soup,DSC_0425 homemade bread,DSC_0428 salad with a Turkish lemon dressing, and Turkish delight for dessert. DSC_0417DSC_0435  The soup recipe is from  Bimur’s Turkish Cookbook. I was able to use my dried mint DSC_0376and pul biber (red pepper).DSC_0384  They were some of my treats from the Istanbul Spice Bazaar.

I’ve already cooked our food so it’s time to set the table. This is a no-fuss party, so we’re using our clear dishes which can go in the dishwasher.DSC_0357 I’m putting some fresh mint on every plate;  later we will use it in our soup. Our dinner napkins, which had to be pressed but thankfully not starched, have a simple but timeless design.  Timeless design is also Turkish! DSC_0361Spices from the Istanbul Spice Bazaar will be part of the table decor, as well as party favors for the guests. DSC_0358They’re even shaped like dolmas, don’t you think?

Now let’s get out a few pretties. It is nothing but pure Magpie Fun to get pretties out for a party. We have fancier things, but tonight is more casual. Here are the wine glasses I painted a few years back. Which one will you choose?DSC_0399

DSC_0397DSC_0396And look at these cocktail napkins. DSC_0368They are an estate sale find. The package said they are paper but are supposed to look like silk. I don’t know if I will serve any chai, as many ladies don’t want caffeine at night, but I’m ready with my Turkish tea set if there are any takers.DSC_0365

Here is a cute little guy I’ve had for a while. DSC_0387I bought him somewhere and then rudely shoved  him into the back of a  kitchen cabinet where he languished for years. If I hadn’t had to clean out my cabinets to be painted he might still be there. He will be on hand tonight to help the ladies with their olives.

I will serve the dessert on this lovely torte plate given to me by a very special lady in my yoga class.DSC_0370 It may be a little large for the occasion, but the lady who gave it to me is so peaceful and generous I would like for her spirit to be a part of the gathering.

So that’s it – an easy dinner party for a weeknight, combining Turkish and Southern hospitality! The only thing left to do is pop the bread in the oven. Wait a minute! I need to go press my hostess apron!DSC_0423

Yes, waist lines did used to be smaller, but no matter. I can get it around me. Thanks for being here a little early to help me set things out. I get such an adrenaline jolt  before a party that I’m always afraid I’ve forgotten something. But of course that’s part of the fun too! Oh! Wasn’t  that the doorbell?

6 thoughts on “Come On Over!

    • Thanks dear! The dishes aren’t even a set. I bought them separately on occasions when I didn’t have enough matching things. The soup was really good, and even better a couple of days later when I ate the leftovers.

  1. What a fun post. And I must say outstanding photos! Even though I wasn’t one of your invited guests, on the occasions I dropped in for a wine refill, I could tell that all of your ladies were enjoying their Turkish delights.

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