September Summer

October has begun and with it will come falling leaves. But even the weather takes its own time in the South. Our uncharacteristically mild summer stayed all through September, urging folks to go one last time to the pool or to take a nap in the sun.  Cooler days are forecast for next week, but before they get here I just want to linger a moment over some late summer pleasures. DSC_0108 I’ve spent the waning weeks of summer enamored with this farro and chickpea salad. With the zing of za’ atar,  this salad is perfect for hot days.DSC_0091I took my friend R. through my yard so he could practice using his new camera. He gleefully snatched up a passion fruit off the vine and demonstrated how he used to eat them when he lived out in the country.DSC_0068We documented the flowers’ demise, DSC_0102the day’s deepening shadows,IMG_3051and how the blue of the sky peeked through the pergola roof.
IMG_3014On another warm Saturday I helped a friend with a yard sale. I put a few things out  to sell but my friend sold more than I did. Could the figure above have jinxed me?DSC_0060One  lovely Sunday night I made some fish tacos for an al fresco dinner.DSC_0063DSC_0066And it tasted as good as it looked.IMG_3065Finally, we met some friends at the Levitt Shell to hear an outstanding concert by the Memphis Dawls. Usually summer is a season I tolerate but do not enjoy. Humidity is not my friend. But thanks to these last mild weeks I’m able to usher it out with kinder regard than ever before. Goodbye, summer, and thanks for each moment and memory!

And how about all of you? What late summer fun did you enjoy?

15 thoughts on “September Summer

  1. I love your tagline, ‘what’s shiny today?’ I used to work in a little décor/jewelry boutique and one day a lady came in saying, ‘I’m like a crow, after whatever’s shiny!’ I’d never heard that crows appreciated shiny things til then – and shorty after i came across your blog. Just yesterday as I was looking for inspiration for something I asked myself, ‘what’s shiny today?!’ Thanks for that way of looking at things!

  2. Summer fun? I have to echo the come cook for me sentiment. 🙂

    I’ll be in TN on October 25, and I’m looking forward to being back. Spending part of January there as well. Wish I could make it to Memphis. Writing engagements keep me in the Nashville area. I’m trying to come up with a bit of book launch craziness that will take me past Memphis. We’ll see.

    We’ve been a blur of guests. I’m ready to have a few quiet weeks before the blitz of ARCs and touring. Here’s to a temperate, food-filled, amazing Fall.

  3. I’ve certainly enjoyed all of these September summer activities with you. In two weeks, we might just have to bundle up just to sit outside in the evening.

  4. It’s been a fairly decent summer. Of course, came west to a temporary camp out in the Prairies so am dreading the chillier weather.

    I have no idea what faro and za ‘atar is in, but the pictures are very nice. I especially like the one of the sky and the round object – can’t make out what it is, but it is very intriguing.

  5. Farro is an ancient grain, and za’atar is a Mediterranean spice. Glad you liked the pictures; the round object may the shot of the table on my pergola, or a shot of the sky through the slats of the roof. The roof is made of antique shutters. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Oh, you had me at the Farro pic and recipe. Top it off with the passion fruit and the fish tacos and I’m sitting here with a shocking amount of unseemly drool hanging from my mouth.
    Your September seemed blissful. My big blowout celebration was visiting the State Fair. It kinda wrapped up the whole summer season for me.
    Here’s to a beautiful October! Bring on Autumn!

    • Thank you, Miss Charlotte! Even though no one bought him, it was fun to watch people’s reactions to him. It was so great to see you again;come back soon. And I will let you know when I come your way next.

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